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Top 10 biggest football ACCA wins

Every football fan knows this special feeling when your favourite team clinches the win, especially when it comes along with a multi-fold accumulator. Thus, let us take a look at the top 10 biggest football ACCA wins in football. Read on.

top ten football acca wins betting tutorial
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Every football bettor knows the feeling of landing an ACCA bet, including a couple of your favourite meetings over the weekend. Well, the truth is that seeing your multi-fold accumulator fading away happens way more often, if not regularly. So it hurts even more when you perfectly put together multiple, including only the odds-on favourites, falls apart right on the first leg. What is more, your hopes are getting ripped apart when you see your multi-fold accumulator vanishing right on the very last leg after an incredible winning streak.

Unfortunately, we all know these feelings; however, we keep trying our bests to scoop that fortune, and the only thing that keeps us going are those amazing ACCA winning stories, which we are going to talk about today. 

We have prepared a list of the top biggest football ACCA wins from the most recent years. So, bear with us and let’s find out how much and at what odds have these lucky punters won from the top online bookmakers.
Number 10

Number ten on our list is the bet that brought its owner a good-looking 45 thousand pounds from just a FIVER! Unfortunately, there is no information available about the punter’s identity, however, the bookmaker that took this bet and, as a result, paid out a solid amount of winnings was one of the all-time classic bookies - William Hill. The plucky punter put up together six Match Result with Both Teams To Score selections from 2015 English Premier League fixtures. Thanks to such longshot picks, the cumulative odds of this winning ACCA were at the sky-high 9,173.00 (9172/1). Long story short, it all came down to the very last matchup between the then struggling Everton side & West Brom. The entire betslip was already on its way to the trash bin when guests took the lead with an early goal. Thanks to an incredible late-game three-goal miracle, Everton managed to flip the game upside-down and pocketed a huge £45,000 payout for that one punter.

Number 9
This next punter should thank the betting Gods for inventing the Cash Out option. This one Betfair punter must love putting it all on the line. Well, at least it’s how it looks based on this incredible 22-folder that the bettor backed with a quite solid stake of almost fifty pounds (£49.50). With the total cumulative odds of more than 1 thousand to one (1,071.00), the potential payout that was waiting for the punter in case of winning was a smashing one and a half million pounds! Imagine seeing such a number on your screen. Quite intimidating, right? I guess this one bettor did not lose his head and decided to withdraw his winnings earlier via the Cash Out option right before what could have been one of the biggest disasters of this life! He opted out for the Cash Out right before the very last fixture on his betslip between Barcelona and Real Sociedad, which ended up in a quite unfortunate manner for the Catalan side. Call this luck, but it looks like a skill to me! Definitely one of the best cashouts ever known to the betting world.

Number 8
Not much to say about the number eight accumulator on our list. The punter named Dean Clay casually threw £2 on the 46,001.00 (46,000/1) odds 14-fold football ACCA, including most of the matches from the packed Saturday action back in 2015. The first 13 selections went relatively smoothly up to his big surprise, leaving the sole meeting, which was 24 hours away. Imagine having to wait the whole day to find out whether the potential £92,000 will come in or vanish forever? Hands down,  one of the worst feelings ever. Well, the draw he backed in the West Brom vs Burnley matchup came in without any issues after the Baggies came back two goals from behind to make it all square at The Hawthorns stadium. What a fantastic win, right?

Number 7
The story behind this 10-fold ACCA might be a bit more interesting than it seems at first sight. The punter named George Wood placed quite an ambitious football accumulator backing 2015, including the results of various football fixtures across multiple leagues and dates. The wager also featured the all-time French classic - Le Classique, among other crackers. The most interesting part is about this wager is that Mr. Wood was suffering from multiple sclerosis, which lets us assume he could’ve completely forgotten about this multiple. Well, long story short, he was completely amazed when he saw a 22,971.00 (22,970/1) fiver ACCA turning into a solid £116,000 payout after The Citizens secured a win over Bournemouth.

Number 6
Do you believe in beginners luck? We can argue about it back & forth, but it is hard to argue with raw facts like this football ACCA from the unnamed William Hill punter. Unfortunately, the name of the punter is yet to be revealed for obvious reasons. However, one thing is certain, one of the top online bookmakers, William Hill, took the bet from what appears to be one of its freshly-registered clients. The bookmaker also said it was only the 8th wager placed by the bettor. What is more, the punter only staked £1 at the odds of 169,924.00 (169,923/1) on a selection of football matches and completely forgot about it.

Imagine the reaction of this recreational punter when he logged in the next time & found out his balance was sitting at an incredible £170,000. Later appeared, that it was for the best that the bettor forgot about his wager. The fate of this astonishing accumulator came down to the very last moment of the last matchup on the betslip. Luckily, Leyton Orient clinched the victory with the last kick of the game, bringing the sweet payout home.

Number 5
We are slowly getting closer to the two hundred thousand mark with this one. This time, again, an anonymous bettor threw in a casual £50 on a quite ambitious 20-fold accumulator at William Hill back in 2019. It was quite a tough time for the bettor, but his £185,000 win finally came in after Bayern Munich managed to hold on against Hertha Berlin. Bookmaker William Hill had to even congratulate the plucky punter after landing a 3,701.00 (3700/1) accumulator.

Number 4
Finally, the first wager on our list with more than two hundred thousand worth of winnings. The rumour says betting on underdogs pays off quite well. Well, this one punter proved it all with his incredible 108,801.00 (108,800/1) 9-folder. The risky punter bet mostly against the favourites, including the unmatchable Barcelona side back in 2011. His £2.50 stake successfully turned into a more than quarter of a million pounds (£272,000) payout after all the underdogs were able to either win or draw against their heavily-favoured rivals, including the second-leg Round of 16 battle between Barcelona & Athletic Bilbao, which earned the Catalan side a Quarter Final spot, thanks to the then-active away-goal rule. By the way, it also became a record amount paid out by the bookmaker Ladbrokes at that time.

Number 3
I bet you have never seen such long odds in your life. This one bettor managed to put up together ten football predictions, which added up to a mind-blowing cumulative odds of 1.6 million to one! The chances of landing this one wager were almost zero! The anonymous punter put just some pocket change (30p) on this incredible ten-folder backing the outcomes of various football competitions, including the English County Championship & Champions League. It all came down to that 2001 UCL final between Bayern Munich & Valencia. Imagine the emotions that the bettor was going through when the match headed into the penalty shootout. Each of those kicks was getting the punter both closer & further than he’s ever been to that life-changing half a million payout. Finally, it all came down to the final kick of Mauricio Pellegrino after the successful attempt by Thomas Linke. It was the moment of truth, and Oliver Kahn guessed right to deflect the shot, which not only brought his team a desired victory but also pocketed a huge fifty hundred thousand payout for the punter.

Number 2
The number two of our top 10 biggest football ACCA wins list, we are heading to Malta, one of the gambling capitals of the world. This stunning accumulator was placed by one unnamed Maltese resident, who had one strict rule when it comes to betting - only stake €1 at a time! Some betting experts would say that it is not the best approach for betting; however, the bettor already won more than the majority of punters has ever done during their betting careers. So, let’s put the judgement aside and take a look at this freakish return. Once again, it all came down to the very last selection on the betslip.

What is more, it was one of the biggest all-time Premier League crackers between Liverpool and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge back in 2011. The game was almost over, and everyone thought it would end in a 1:1 draw between these two Premier League powerhouses. Well, it was all in the hands, or if you may say legs, of the former Blues player Glen Johnson, who scored the 87th-minute go-ahead goal, to bring a much-needed three league points for The Reds and the astonishing £585,000 payout for the lucky Maltese one-euro punter.

Number 1
Finally, the last but definitely not the least - the number one biggest football ACCA win! The story behind this wager is genuinely remarkable. Unfortunately, the identity of this bettor was never revealed; however, there are a couple of interesting facts known about this ACCA.

First of all, the punter backed his eight-folder with a total cumulative odds of 6,543.00 (6,542/1) with an extremely huge stake, especially for those types of bets - £100. Generally speaking, if you ever throw a stake of this size on such a wager, you basically agree to lose your stake once and for all. Well, it wasn’t the case that time! The punter managed to pull off something incredible by submitting his wager after all the games kicked off. Top that with the fact that all of the backed sides were losing at the moment of placing a bet with only 20 minutes left on the clock! Soon enough, in fact, really soon, the bettor saw the wins coming in, with Coventry securing the last needed victory in an injury-time to pocket an unbelievable £650,000. What a stunner!

That was our list of the top ten biggest football ACCA wins ever! Please, leave us a comment if you liked this article so that we can bring more interesting betting-related content more frequently. Also, visit our exclusive bookmaker review section & bonuses and promotions page to claim the latest free bets & special offers from only the leading online betting operators. Happy betting, and remember always to gamble responsibly.

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