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Prepaid betting tips and closed forums

Closed betting forums or prepaid betting portals are the issue that will be presented in this article. How do they function, which results do they bring and do they pay off?

Betting forums
How were private forums created?How to get into a closed forum?The structure of the closed forumBettors
How were private forums created?
In recent years, sport betting has been booming, along with the bettors, who have been creating new systems or strategies to increase their chances in the fight against online bookmakers year by year. Some of them were so successful that they were even offered jobs by betting firms. The others did not have much luck and continued to fight alone against the bookmakers.

After some time, betting forums were created, players from around the state, and even from around the world joined them. In the beginning forums worked to promote the best tipsters and transfer information about the sporting events between all users. Over time, the best bettors working in public forums began moving on to private forums.

How to get into a closed forum?
Private forums unite professional players who regularly make a profit . Only limited number of people has access to them. It's a place which it is very difficult get into, only professional bettors with huge experience register here.

Private forums look like closed wards in mental hospitals with one difference: it is difficult to get there but it is very easy to drop out. Where are bettors recruited? There is a number of ways: open forums, the tipsters league or so-called "recommended players”. Those latter are users who are recommended by friends who they used to work with in other forums. In this case the one who recommends is responsible for the recommended person.

The structure of the closed forum
Private forums are managed by moderators. They are usually the owners of the forum domain / server is or individuals with unusually extensive knowledge of statistics and an excellent reputation and trust among the players. Moderators are called "red" while the bettors are "blue". The main tasks of the "Reds" are to maintain order at the forum, impose fines and give warnings, as well as take measures for the promotion and development of the forum.

 Moderators also do the following tasks:

  • Check whether shadow persons enter players’ accounts
  • Control tips leak
  • Sell betting tips at the free / paid portals
  • Maintain positive atmosphere at the forum

Rules violations or members’ abuse usually leads to such individuals being deleted from the list of players. Strict discipline is the main feature of these private forums. Betting tips are calculated on a monthly and annual basis.


People operating at the forum are called bettors, they are often referred to as "blue". They should introduce themselves, their assets, types of bets, game strategy when entering forum. Moreover a player creates a topic with the log in where he/she present betting forecasts. Those tipsters who place bets on the least popular and liquid markets are the most popular. Bettors who bet on the commercial markets are less respected unless they achieve extraordinary results. With regard to new players, the principle of "limited trust" prevails.
Most of the bettors specialize in one discipline, but there are those who play with 3-4 sports. Users need to achieve good results, otherwise after the "settlement" period they can get a "warning" or even leave the forum. Deleting a user with excellent results and a good reputation from the bettor list is not so easy, especially if he/she has the support of many tipsters. In such a situation anonymously voting is held. It should be noted that some of the private forums are also visited by people working for online bookmakers.

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