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If you can think of it, you can bet on it

Bizarre things you can place a wager on. From aliens to TV shows, the rage to bet on something keeps coming at humanity.

bizarre betting
#1 - Celebrity deaths
Yes, you can place your bets on when your favourite actor or TV show star will leave this world. Some would say that it is not the way to do it and there’re plenty of other “more humane” options but as long as it’s legal and can bring you some profit, why not?
One of the leading celebrity deaths pool websites, though, have a statement in their FAQ “we cannot condone or promote gambling through this site” and “any and all wagering shall be considered to be not in conjunction, or associated, with this site,”. Whatever that means, the website is still in operation and receives tons of predictions every day.

#2 - Wife carrying

As weird as it sounds, something like this does really exist. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, maybe not but this type of sport became popular in Ireland, where people are really taking this seriously. The goal is to carry a woman (who not necessarily has to be your wife) down a 253-meter obstacle course. Place a wager on the fastest “couple” and collect your wins.

#3 - The Royal Family

The UK is one of the biggest betting markers in the world, where more than 11% of adults are involved continuously in betting. This is probably the main reason why something like betting on the royal family even exists. From the colour of Queen Elizabeth’s hat to the wedding guest list, there’s a large variety of options to choose from.

#4 - Amazon

Yes, Amazon, but to be more precise the city where the company will build its next headquarter. The race for Amazon’s second headquarter attracted lots of people even from sports betting narrowing it down to just 20 cities around the globe

#5 - Kim Jong-Un

The world’s most favourite dictator is a hot topic not only in politics but also in betting. People are showing a high interest in everything connected with the North Korean leader. Just a couple of examples on what you can place your wager:
  • When he will cease to be in power (2031 or later has the highest odds)
  • How he will cease to be in power (death leads the pack)
  • Whether he will challenge President Trump to a round of golf (both are golf fans)

#6 - The end of the world

The question that’s been out there for so long. If you have some insides about it, you might as well put some money on the planet’s destiny. Those who thought the life on Earth will end in 2019 could’ve won around $50,000. Whether you can foresee the future or not the question still remains, who will you get the money if you win the bet?

#7 - Aliens

After watching all the space-themed movies and launching people into the actual space, humanity has been eager to find the alien life. The search for intelligence in space has been the most talked about topic of the last decade in science. With all the mathematically backed theories, it’s still remaining unproved. Try your luck and guess when will the President of the United States of America officially confirm the contact.

Here’s our top 7 list of the most unusual things you can place your bets on other than football and horse racing. Have fun betting and don’t forget to come back for more interesting news.

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