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Why bettors can't win?

There are lots of bookmakers out there on the market. Some of them have lots in common, some of them don't, but there is this one feature that most of them share. They don't allow constant winning. Let us take a look at some real-life stories to find out whether it is the case or not.

why punters cant win betting guide
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Every bettor knows that bookmakers don't like winning clients. That makes sense as bookies make a living out of it. Various bonuses and promotions, welcome offers, competitive pricing, etc. only aim to attract more people and therefore, maximise profits.

When a bettor starts winning, it is a common practice that they get their account limited or even suspended. Let's try to find some truth here and check out what real-life punters can tell us about it.
A sharp punter
This type of punters is usually in a red-zone, as they bet with high stakes and quite often hit the value. Such a behaviour immediately puts them on the bookmakers' radar, and that is where all the fun ends. Sharp bettors are usually very selective with their bets choosing a couple of markets that they are operating in. It is very beneficial for tipsters to focus on a couple of betting markets that they have some knowledge about. On the other hand, though, such a strategy simplifies the task of a bookmaker finding a winning client.

Such bettors are identified by bookies and closely monitored. Reports suggest that bookmakers were even moving the odds right when such punters were trying to place a bet.

The limitations imposed by the sportsbooks vary in timeframes and their severity. Some companies would limit you after one big bet, others could wait for a bit before capping.
Recreational bettor
While it is clear why professionals would get limited by the bookies, it is rather not, when it comes to recreational bettors.

Some people bet just for the fun of it and without a pursuit of profits. Still, being limited is not something they have never heard of or experienced. One of the punters that we personally talked to told us about this story with arbitrage betting.

Being just a regular recreational tipster, he never knew anything about being blocked or limited. Once his attention came across one of the betting guides about the arbitrage wagering. At first, an easy approach involves more detailed and deep market analysis and monitoring in order to find a difference in betting odds among bookies. Bookmakers are like punters, they also make mistakes and do not always respond on time. This creates a room for arbitrage. All you have to do is place a bet on both sides, creating a risk-free scenario.

Of course, such a thing sounds amazing to bettors. Unfortunately, bookies do not share this view. Even if you manage to make some quick profits, be aware bookmaker will definitely find you and suspend your account.
Unpopular market bettor
If someone tells you they know the way not to get limited, don't trust them. Even the most sneaky bettor will eventually get caught by the bookmaker. Our next story is based on the tipster who decided to take advantage of less popular markets. Instead of betting on the Premier League or NBA, he was placing a wager on some 3rd division football leagues in Australia or basketball competitions in the Philippines.

This is a nice strategy, as it is easier to gain an edge over the bookmaker in such an environment. Bookmakers spend tons of money and time on the top leagues, as they attract more clients and therefore more money. By allocating a bigger share of their resources, bookmakers expose themselves to higher risks.

It is where your knowledge plays the biggest part. Odds for the second and third divisions are never as precise as for the Premier Leauge matchups. So, knowing a little more than a bookie gives you an edge over the whole market.

Unfortunately, bookies leave their traps even here. A never-resting bookmakers' eye is always watching and analysing every move you make. Eventually, you are going to get limited and even restricted to bet on these particular markets.
Long story short. Never opt-in for just one type of betting. Use different approaches and mix them up. Moreover, if you register with a couple of top online bookmakers, it will not only decrease the possibility of you being limited but also provide a greater variety of options to choose from. You might as well go to our betting guides section to learn more about betting and how it works.
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