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Why do the best punters have accounts at multiple bookmakers?

As you already know, the best tipsters have accounts at multiple online bookmakers. You would say why? What benefits and drawbacks it has? You will find answers to this and many other questions in our newest betting guide.

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The availability of the biggest offer on the marketNo worries about being gubbedAbility to choose the best odds on the marketSafe budgetAbility to take advantage of various promotions at once

Every tipster has his/her own way of betting. Some are only interested in singles, others prefer endless acca slips. Some are only focused on the top markets like NBA or the Champions League, others, though, look for the value in more exotic leagues where bookmakers don’t have lots of knowledge. However, there is one common thing among all the top bettors, they have multiple accounts registered with various bookmakers.

Why is it so? The offer of one of the top online bookmakers should be more than enough to satisfy your needs, then why would you need to split your bankroll for a couple of bookmakers and send your ID’s all around the world. There are at least a couple of reasons for this, and we will try to do our best explaining it. Let’s start.
The availability of the biggest offer on the market

Even if you had an account at the very best online bookmaker, it would not be guaranteed that you will find an offer on every sports event in the world. Of course, there won’t be any problems for a tipster who only bets on Juventus, Barcelona or Los Angeles Lakers, but it would be a bummer for the one, who is interested in regional football tournaments in Australia, NCAA or even esports. Therefore, it is really important to have accounts on multiple services.

We have repeatedly been surprised by the events that one bookmaker can offer odds for. Despite the fact that he didn’t have offers on Italian Seria B, he was offering odds on female football fixtures between New Zealand university teams, which you won’t be able to find any information about on the Internet. Long story short, having multiple accounts allows you to bet on what you want rather than on what you can.
No worries about being gubbed

99% of bookmakers are crazy about tipsters who are constantly winning. Whenever one of you gets lucky, a bookmaker will impose a limit on your account right away, making your betting experience useless on this website.

Tipsters who have multiple accounts almost never have this problem. Bets, winnings, losses and rollovers are split between different services and rather not raising any suspicion, like in the case of using just one service.
Ability to choose the best odds on the market

The offer availability is one thing, but being able to place bets at the best odds possible is completely different. Having multiple accounts you are not being limited to the odds provided by just one company, you select the operator whichever has the best offer for the particular event.

It is not very easy, though. Even the top online bookmakers that always offer the best odds on the market might propose a somehow higher odds on the event of your interest. On the other hand, there might be a not-so-popular bookmaker that for some reason, would have better odds. Why? Nobody knows.

All we are looking for in betting is value and profit maximization. Let’s imagine a situation where the average odds for the sporting event are 1.80 (4/5). However, there is one bookmaker that decided to price it at 1.84 (21/25).

For those of you who say that it is not even a difference, we will have just one advice, and that is to quit betting. Not tomorrow, and not in a week time. TODAY! For you, it will be a waste of time even to finish reading this guide. If a 4% odds difference is not telling you anything, then you have no idea what this is all about, and sooner or later will run into problems like bankruptcy. Why? Let us show you.

Let’s say that you placed €100 on your slip. Therefore, your possible profits with the 1.80 (4/5) odds will be €80, while with 1.84 (21/25) odds - €84, meaning that betting on the exactly the same event but with better odds, we made €4 extra. Ten bets like this and we have extra €40, hundred and we will have €400 profit! Do you still think that it doesn’t pay off to send a couple of minutes and register with another bookmaker?

Let’s not mention the possibility of finding a sure bet, which won’t even be possible having just one account.
Safe budget

We all know, that time runs by and the number of random bookmakers, who have financial problems goes every other week. Of course, new ones come to fill up the spot, but the “trash” bookies list is getting shorter every time.

The financial market has seen quite a lot over its history. Without any doubts, all the top online bookmakers are trustworthy and reliable companies, but even they are way too far from the companies that faced bankruptcy.

That is one of the main reasons why you should have a couple of accounts to store your betting money on. We would rather suggest slipping your bankroll into smaller portions than storing it all in one place.
Ability to take advantage of various promotions at once

Last but not least is something that we all like. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that the only thing you take into consideration when making the decision about what bookmaker to stick with is the size of the welcome bonus or the number of free bets the one provides. However, let’s just be honest, we all love to receive bonuses like free bets, especially if they can help us to repair somehow our bankroll and increase our betting resources.
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