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Bettors’ phycology - wishful thinking in betting

What is wishful thinking? Why is it stopping you from being successful at betting? How to deal with it? You will be able to find answers to these and many other questions in our new tipster’s guide.

wishful thinking betting guide
What is wishful thinking?How does wishful thinking prevent you from beating the bookie?How to get rid of wishful thinking?
What is wishful thinking?

Being successful at betting is not so easy. Based on various data, only 5% are constantly winning. What about the other 95%? Do they have too much money and just like to share them with poor bookmakers? Of course, no! Why are they then systematically losing their hardly-earned money? On the factors that stand between you and success is wishful thinking.
Wishful thinking is nothing but a way of decision making and comprehending process based on optimistic outcome scenarios rather than on facts and rationality. Too complicated? Wishful thinkers are always letting the wish be the father of the thought.
Can you live with it, though? Definitely. This “dysfunction” is nothing to worry about in our daily lives as it only makes the person see things in a more colourful way.
Unfortunately, the more severe forms of this “disorder” can trigger catatonia - a mental disease involving a false assessment of the surrounding world. People who suffer from it have huge problems with the environmental assessment.
How does wishful thinking prevent you from beating the bookie?

How actually can it prevent me from beating the bookie? It appears that in fact, it can. Even more, than you can imagine
Whether you like it or not, most of us, tipsters, are, at the same time, fans of various sports, and it can be hard not to show some sympathy or antipathy. After years of watching sports, you start having teams/players that you like, you don’t care about and those you can’t stand at all. Unfortunately, our preferences can have a huge impact on the decisions we make during betting, which is actually wishful thinking.  

It’s obvious that it’s easier to bet on the team that we support (even if it’s not in its best shape), then on its bloody rival (even if it’s at its peak). For example, Barcelona fan without any second thought will place a bet on its victory against Real.
Why is that? Besides the preferences, wishful thinking plays a big role here as well. Our brain will only remember Barcelona’s highlights while Real’s fails. Wishful thinking gets into tipster’s head telling him/her that it is the right moment for his/her team to win. Of course, it seems sweet, and we accept it thinking it looks quite possible.
How to get rid of wishful thinking?

This issue is not related to professional tipsters, who do not support any team or player. They think rational, leaving aside all the subjective views and ideas. What about those who support their team regardless and never miss a chance to place a bet? The cure is more simple than you think!
In order to not to get yourself in the claws of wishful thinking, you have to do a very simple thing. You have to completely stop betting on events connected with your favourite team or any of its rivals! Is it this hard?!
The temptation to place that last bet on your favourites will be really bad at the beginning. We think that nowadays due to bookmakers having such a huge offer, it will be more than enough for you to find something you like.
Another good thing to do in such a situation will be finding counter-arguments every time you come up with any ideas. Even if the tip seems to be very obvious & reasonable, it would be worth spending a couple of extra minutes finding factors that can change the outcome. It won’t take too much of your time, but you will have a comprehensive and detailed analysis of “for” & “against” arguments regarding placing the particular bet. Believe us or not, decisions made this way will bring you success in your betting and as a result, grow your bankroll.

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