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Craziest sports bets of all time

Betting is a huge industry which grows day by day. Over the decades of placing bets, people have gone insane so many times. From Elvis Presley flying the UFO to a politician crack-opening a bottle of beer in the middle of televised debates, we have seen it all. The limits of tipsters’ confidence and… foolishness are yet to be seen. Today, we would like to tell you about the craziest sports bets ever placed. Let’s start!

Craziest sports bets of all time
50 Cent wager the Mayweather - Pacquiao fightNicole Grant’s betGino DiFelice & Fail Mary betSafety betStudent loanErick LindgrenCardinals InsanityBilly Walters underdog betBrazilian blowoutFloyd “Money” MayweatherAgainst All Odds
50 Cent wager the Mayweather - Pacquiao fight
One of the biggest boxing matchups in the history of boxing happened between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao. The fight was so big, it got the attention of everybody in the world. Rapper 50 Cent wasn’t an exception. The “Candy Shop” artist placed a modest $1.6m bet on Mayweather’s victory despite having some explicit exchanges with the man. Being a multi-million net worth celebrity, it was nothing for 50 to place such a wager. Still, Mayweather managed to seal the deal, bringing the rapper some spare money.

Nicole Grant’s bet
Sometimes fans are taking the support of their beloved team way too far. This is exactly what happened to the Grant family. They had to learn it the hard way. Nicole, who’s a diehard Green Bay Packers fan, was so confident that she challenged her husband to a bet. She claimed that her Packers will eliminate any team her husband John would pick, which happened to be Chicago Bears. By taking a piece of silly advice, she placed herself being tasered in case of Packers’ loss. Funny enough, they came up short, and Nicole was blasted not once but three times by her husband. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson and would be smarter with her bets next time.

Gino DiFelice & Fail Mary bet
A Canada native, Gino DiFelice, once put some pocket change on the Seahawks, and the outcome was way more than satisfying. Well, to be exact, he had selected 15 different NFL picks. First 14 selections were nothing to worry about. All the fun began during the Monday Night Football game between Green Bay and Seattle. Gino collected an impressive $725,000 on the last moment Seahawks’ win. It all wouldn’t happen without the referee’s mistake. Fans are still mad about the awful call, but DiFelice was probably happy with the outcome.

Safety bet
NFL football is a very dynamic and competitive sport. It is very rare for a score to be a safety one especially for it to be the first score of the game, and especially it being done during the Super Bowl. The Championship game brings only the best out of competing teams, which makes it really hard to achieve such a task. Well, hard does not mean impossible. Jona Rechnitz is living proof of that. Rechnitz, who is a real estate owner from New York, bet $1,000 on the first score of the 2012 Super Bowl to come from safety. Seems crazy but the man was paid off at $50,000. 

Experts would say something like this can only happen once in a lifetime, but not in case of Rechnitz, he placed the same bet on the 2014 Super Bowl game, this time, with a $500. With the 51.00 (50/1) odds, we collected $25,000 worth of winnings. Bookmakers were so shocked that even started offering odds on when he’ll make his next safety bet.

Student loan
Betting comes along with great risks and therefore, responsibilities. We always mention how it is important to be thoughtful with your bets and never let emotions take over you. This example would show you why. One student was backing up Angola in the African Cup of Nations so hard that he placed all of his student loan money on what seemed to be a 100% secured victory. The bet of 4,400 British pounds was placed 11 minutes before the end of the match, where Angola was winning 4:0. The unimaginable happened, and Mali was able to make a comeback, leaving the student with no money. The bet was not even worth placing in the first place because it would have only brought the unlucky student 44 pounds of profit.

Erick Lindgren
Everyone says it is risky to bet on someone else but what about betting on yourself. It takes lots of confidence to do so, which poker player Eric Lindgren had lots of. He made a bet with his friends that he would play 4 rounds of golf in one day (which is pretty challenging). They got so into it that the bet kept escalating. With so much money on the line, Lindgren had to do 4 rounds under the Vegas heat along with keeping the score under 100 shooting from pro-level tees in all rounds. Some would say it is impossible, some would call it very challenging, but Erick just did it and pocketed a total of $340,000. He taught his doubtful friends a lesson by pulling off such a stunt.

Cardinals Insanity
Professional bettors try to avoid betting on their favourite team’s leagues and matches because it involves subjective thinking and limits the success chances. Well, not all of us are professionals and fans around the world are famous for blindly backing up their favourites. Our next story will feature a St. Louis Cardinals fan. During the hard times, he hasn’t lost a bit of faith and placed a bet of $250 that his team would make it to the World Series in 2011 with the odds of 501.00 (500/1). Out of nowhere St. Louis started beating team after team and soon enough was at the doorsteps of the World Series game. That seemed not enough for a diehard fan, so he placed another $125 bet, this time at the odds of 1000.00 (999/1), that Cardinals would win the World Series. Despite all the odds, this happened and St. Louis became the World Series champions that year, bringing the wishful fan $375,000.

Billy Walters underdog bet
The man who goes by the name of Billy Walters is not someone you want to play with when it comes to gambling. His notorious luck is so huge that some Las Vegas bookmakers refuse to take bets from him. Just like everyone else, multi-millionaires also make mistakes. During one of the Super Bowl games between New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts, he got so caught in the excitement and wrote up a $3.5 million bet on the underdog. “How much?!” you would ask. Yes, $3.5 million. He himself admitted that it was so foolish of him to do it, but luckily for him, he ended up winning the bet. Still, who gets so excited to wager 3.5 million?

Brazilian blowout
Everyone remembers the 2014 World Cup game between Germany and Brazil. It was so tough to watch. Nobody could ever expect Brazil to be disrespected so badly on the international stage, except for one football fan. The anonymous tipster predicted not only the correct score of 7:1 but also Sami Khedira’s goal. He collected $46,000 of winnings, while only betting $20 at quite long odds of 2320.00 (2319/1).

Floyd “Money” Mayweather
The flawless boxer is famous for his bets. He lives up to his nickname “Money” by placing astonishing amounts on bets that appear to be far on the crazy side. Considering his net worth, he probably does not care much about his winning percentage but still. He once placed a mindblowing $5.9 million on Miami Heat beating Indiana Pacers in Game 7 during the 2013 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. With the risks being sky-high, he only won $600,000. What if he would’ve lost it?

Against All Odds
The last but surely not the least crazy sports bet on our list happened in 2001 when roofer from Staffordshire landed what seemed to be an impossible acca bet. With a tiny investment of 30 pence, Gibbs placed a 15-folder. Correctly predicting the winner of all the 15 matches resulted in a 500,000 British pounds.payout. He somehow managed to land a 1,666,667.00 (1,666,666/1) odds bet. That is what people call “against all odds”.

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