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When do You place a bet?

Have You ever wondered which moment is the best to place a bet that will win? Which is the best, most optimal time to decide to put Your money on particular team or a player? Few days before the event or just before the first whistle? In this article we will analyse all variables and different scenarios and strategies and find answers to all this questions.

When do You place a bet?
Best time to place a betThe rules of placing the bet early onDisadvantages of betting early onAdvantages of placing the bet later onDisadvantages of late placing of bets
Best time to place a bet
Sports betting is quite complicated field of gambling and overall difficult matter. In contrast to the common opinion, very big knowledge about sport is not enough to be successful in sports betting. There are a number of different aspects and things that need to be considered as well as skills that have to be possessed to win money while betting on sports. The abilities of thorough analysis of the particular sport event, observation of the shifting odds, using the information available in the internet as well as the advices from more experienced punters and often most importantly not sticking to one stake placing method or betting system and right mentality are as important as considerable knowledge about sport.

But there is something more. Because the shifting of the odds offered by online bookmakers are so frequent and often very game-changing, to be successful in sports betting and have Your budget “on the plus” it is important to place the bet in the best possible moment, when the odds are in their highest value. How to do that? This and many other things will be explained in this sports betting tutorial.
The rules of placing the bet early on
In this particular case, we will analyse the punters which speciality is betting on football matches. They are lucky enough because in comparison to, for example, basketball or tennis, the odds for football games offered by the bookmakers are laid few days before the event which is quite early and the shifting of the odds in the time to the match are often very big. Experienced punters can use it to their own advantage and use the errors and vulnerabilities of the bookmaker while setting the odds - of course if it is not influenced by the betting market yet.

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of betting right after the odds were laid by the bookmaker is the comfort and time-saving of the punter who does not have to search for the information about particular event and the best odds for it in various forums, chat rooms and betting websites. The bet have been placed and the only thing left to do is to cross one’s fingers in hope of winning the bet. In the meantime, the punter can use the spared time for another bet, to search for an interesting event and betting market worth considering.

But comfort is not everything. Many times it happens that the odds offered by the online bookmaker are wrongly counted and the market (the community of punters and betting experts) will quickly verify that. Experienced punters, having a considerable knowledge and experience as well as intuition, can pick the Value odds in few moments after they were laid by the betting operator before it drops in the value. We advise placing early bets especially to punters who are experts at predicting the wins of the favourites of the events. Such punters can be sure that the closer to the event, the lower will become the odds for the favourites to win. This is caused because apart from the different in quality and strength of both sides of the event, on the match day, thousands of amateur and beginner punter will swarm the online bookmaker with their bets for the favourites to win, significantly lowering the odds for him by doing so.

But finding the Value odds is not everything. In the few days between the odds were laid and the event has started, many things can happen. If You trust Your intuition and it will not betray You, You can find a Sure Bet and whatever the score of the particular event will be, You will get Your profits and be successful in Your betting.
Disadvantages of betting early on
Despite what was said till this point, do not think that placing bets early on is only full of advantages and there are no risk with it. All the available methods, early betting or waiting on, have their advantages and disadvantages and every punter need to decide on his own which strategy is best for him and his style of betting.
First of all, placing a bet early on is much more risky than waiting. As we already mentioned, some disciplines of sport, for example football, are very unpredictable and in the time between placing the bet early on and the start of the event, a lot can happen, especially when it comes to football in which, as it was already said, the odds are laid often weeks before the event. The first choice goalkeeper can break his middle finger in the training session and the best forward can engage in a brawl with his coach during the team talk and refuse to play, not mentioning when the whole team will be the victims of horrible food poisoning with salmonella virus. Using the early bet placement strategy model we need to be aware of such risks and possibilities.

This method of betting will also probably not be the favourite strategy of the less experienced, beginning punters which place bets on sports just for fun and as a hobby.

There are few reasons. First of all, such method requires to freeze some part of the betting budget of the punter, for at least few days, sometimes even weeks - for amateur and beginner punter this could prove to be quite a problem. Furthermore, for early betting to be profitable, a punter needs to have betting accounts at many different online bookmaker websites, which once again could be problematic for new beginning punter and those who only bet for fun and are considerable less experienced than most punters - they will be definitely afraid of registering at many online sports betting websites of different bookmakers, which we still do not understand as there is nothing to be scared about.
Advantages of placing the bet later on
Enough said with early betting. Another strategy, placing the bet later on, has also a lot of supporters. Many punters prefer to place the bet on the last possible moment, few hours or even minutes before the start of the sporting event. There are a lot of advantages of this method, for example, having much more information about the event that were gathered between the time the odds for it were laid and the moment the event started. The line-ups of the teams, the mentality, the injuries and suspensions as well as priorities for the few near days. We also can see how the other punter bet and we can accordingly react to that, for example the expectations with the trends of the betting markets and opinions of the punters.

What else apart from that? The closer to the game, the more visible are the movements that an experienced punter may notice and very often use to his own advantage, if, of course he is able to understand the situation and convert the data he gathered into actions. Furthermore, this method is just perfect for the dog players, so the punter that love to bet on the underdogs, so the weaker sides of the event. These punters well know that the odds for the underdogs right before the start of the sporting event are much higher than they were at the most the bookmakers offered them.
Disadvantages of late placing of bets
Enough with the advantages of late bet placement, let us ask ourselves a question: are there are surprises and traps waiting for punter who wait with placing the bet on particular event? Of course there are. This strategy requires a lot of focus and dedication from the punter as he needs to be ready for action all the time, and if needed use any useful piece of information for his own advantage. The punter needs to analyse the preparations before the event of both sides and hear about any interesting gossip about the event, he need to constantly be aware of the situation that surrounds the event - something he would not do if he placed the bet early on, few days before.

Apart from that, such strategy model will be perfect tactic for punters that rarely bet on the favourites and more obvious options, instead focusing on the underdogs and more unusual types of bets and predictions. Because as we mentioned before, the closer to the first whistle of the game, the lower will get the odds for the favourites, so the theoretically better side of the event. Very often, on the match day, for example in football, the odds for the favourites such as Real Madrid or Barcelona are so low, that they do not have anything in common with the word “Value”. Therefore, If You want to place bets on the favourites, for examples the teams that are mentioned above, do it few days before the event, while the odds are still quite good.
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