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Horse racing. 8 steps to successful betting.

Horse racing is one of the most commonly-chosen sports in the bookmaking industry, especially in Great Britain. We would like to share some of our knowledge to help you become more successful, efficient and secure long-term profits from the bookmaker in today’s sports betting guide.

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Knowledge, knowledge and once again knowledgeAvoid favouritesLoyalty does not pay off. Start shopping for better odds.Avoid multiples at all costShort odds do not guarantee you anything!Opt-in for less popular marketsHead over heart!Best odds for the best results
Knowledge, knowledge and once again knowledge

Obviously, you can find yourself in a situation where you randomly end up at the horse racing track and back the winning horse only because you like its name or because its number matches your wife’s birthday. Such a situation can definitely happen.

However, such an approach towards your betting won’t bring you any desired results in the long run and will only let the bookmaker have the upper hand over you without any doubts. That is one of the reasons why you have to continuously increase your knowledge in that field, and try to watch & analyse as many races as possible. Doing so will sooner or later improve your efficiency and, as a result, bring you more profits and joy than ever before.
Avoid favourites

Statistics don’t lie - favourites only finish first in approximately 30% of races. Therefore, there is no chance for you to make any long term profits and beat the bookie if you are constantly betting on horses priced at 1.50 (1/2) or even shorter.

Having said that, you should start checking out a bit longer odds, which provide more value and from time to time back the underdog. Just for example, if you land a bet on a horse with the odds of 7.00 (6/1), you will have at least 7 tries before you zero out your winnings.

Longer odds mean that you do not have to invest that big of a stake for your wager to payout. Thus, it will be enough for you to stake just a tiny share of your betting budget.
Loyalty does not pay off. Start shopping for better odds.

Please, do not get us wrong, being loyal in your private life is a great virtue of one’s self and deserve big praise. However, such a trait is not quite necessary for your betting wellbeing. First of all, loyalty to your favourite team or player and sticking to them regardless is a big mistake. The world of sports is constantly changing, and the horse, which was the fastest yesterday might not be the one today and, moreover, tomorrow.

Secondly, loyalty toward a certain bookmaking company is not a great of an idea either. There are punters who register an account at one particular betting service and stick only to it for years, even though the competition has way much more to offer, like more generous and frequent bonuses and, more importantly, better odds. Therefore, if you are taking your betting seriously enough, having an account at multiple online bookmakers is a MUST!
Avoid multiples at all cost

Every single bookmaker out there loves punters who bet on multi-fold accumulators. That is exactly why they are constantly promoting this way of betting and never miss a chance to congratulate another huge ACCA winner. You cannot deny the fact that someone will land a 10-folder from time to time, but people also win lotteries, you know.

We suggest sticking to singles rather than multiples. However, if you really want to place an ACCA bet, try not to include more than three or four selections on one slip. The more legs your multiple has, the lower are your chances of landing it!
Short odds do not guarantee you anything!

Referring to the previous point, the less experienced punters believe that the odds of 1.30 (3/10) stand for the money in their pockets and that the bet has no chance of losing. Being already biased by such wishful thinking, they do nothing else but back a couple of short-priced favourites on the same betting slip believing that such a wager is destined to land regardless. Unfortunately, there is nothing more misleading than that!

If you get to choose between the accumulator with a couple of selections at the odds of 1.30 (3/10) each and a single bet priced at 5.00 (4/1), pick the second one without any second thoughts. Believe us, you definitely won’t regret it in the long run.
Opt-in for less popular markets

The vast majority of punters (about 90%) only focus on the most popular markets. As a result, they are only betting on the winner of particular races, meaning the H2H market. However, the variety of different markets and betting options within them that top online bookmakers offer is mindblowing. Unfortunately, not many bettors ever look their way.

Take advantage of it! Look through the entire offer for each of the races you are interested in. The chances of you finding the market that many punters are not even aware of are pretty high. Finding such a market gives you the opportunity and bet on the market that has not been verified by the community yet, therefore opening you the possibility to find a bet with falsely set odds (longer), thus more value! If you know a lot about horse racing, spotting such a bookmaker’s mistake will be one of the easiest tasks for you.
Head over heart!

Getting too attached to a particular horse/player/team or whatsoever is a huge mistake that follows the majority of punters (not only the horse racing ones) all throughout their betting adventure. It is quite common for bettors to develop a sort of sympathy or antipathy towards a certain side, which heavily biases their ability to think logically.

Tipster’s phycology - confirmation bias

All you have to do is leave emotions aside and not let your sympathy towards one side or another affect your analytical & logical thinking. Only stick to the raw statistics and facts like horses’ shape, jockeys’ skill, type of track, weather conditions, etc. You won’t regret it, believe us.
Best odds for the best results

Lots of bookmakers are offering its clients numerous promotions specifically dedicated to horse racing. Taking advantage of them regularly will definitely increase your chances to succeed.

One of the best examples here would be promotional offers like Best Odds Guaranteed, where your online bookmaker promises to match or even beat the best odds on the market. Such offers can boost your odds up to several per cent compared to the opening market prices. This is quite a handy tool when it comes to beating your online bookmaker!

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