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Esports betting Guide. CS:GO betting for beginners.

Betting on competitive video gaming became one of the biggest trends in recent years. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of betting on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & find out more about the most common mistakes & tips.

cs go betting guide
IntroductionTilting and what it isFinding the bookBetting on CS:GO

Welcome back to our sports betting library. Today, we would like to talk about CS:GO & how one can start betting on this popular esports discipline.

Let’s start our guide with the most basic tips everyone needs to know about when betting on CS:GO (& other disciplines as well). 

First of all, betting on esports is not any different from betting on regular sports. You still have to do your research before placing your bets. Just like in football, basketball & tennis, you have to find as much information as possible. Always try getting your information from reliable sources! Luckily, there are lots of websites dedicated specifically to esports, HLTV is one of the most reliable ones out there. Collect everything you can regarding the tournament, team rankings, player & team stats, h2h history, etc. Keep in mind, sometimes these stats will not display a true picture. Following your favourite teams on social media or various blogs is crucial. Roster changes & shifts in chemistry between players are not rare in esports. Personal relationships can easily change an unbeatable team to a mediocre challenger in a span of a couple of days. Even a simple replacement of a role player could drastically affect your team’s chances both ways. Why is it important? Bookmakers do not always keep track of this information or simply let the market validate it. Thus, just like in esports, timing is everything in esports betting.

Tilting and what it is

Betting on esports involves even higher risks than betting on the Premier League or the NBA. Thus, there is a potentially larger share of losses. That being said, it is always good to stay patient & dedicated. It is quite common among new punters to quit their betting model, strategy or approach after a couple of unlucky losses. Unfortunately, luck plays an even bigger role in esports than it does in traditional sports.

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Nobody likes to lose but losing is simply inevitable when betting. The majority of the inexperienced bettors become frustrated very quickly, which leads to uncontrolled biased betting & even more losses. There is even a special term connected with this phenomenon called tilting. The term was originally taken from poker. Note, even the most thought-through wager can end up in a loss. Such losses hurt the most and could easily take you out of your way. Bettors usually start betting using their emotions, which subsequently leads to even bigger losing streaks & bankruptcy. Luckily, there’s one effective tip. Whenever you feel like you are losing your head or start tilting, just stop! Taking a break is the best advice there is. Professional punters achieve success because they know when to stop & when to start betting again. Simply, taking a break & clearing your head and especially emotions is essential for your betting wellbeing.

Finding the book

Assume you are already in control of your betting & analyse every bet thoroughly, what’s next? Well, in order to bet on anything, you need somebody to take your bets. The first step you need to make is finding a good online bookmaker. You can search online or check out our top online bookmakers’ review page to find the operator that perfectly suits your needs. Keep in mind, even though esports a the most fast-growing betting market, not every online bookmaker is offering them yet. There are various reasons for that, from budgeting & legal rights to conservatism & business model. Thus, finding the perfect book for yourself would be one of the points you have to fulfil.

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Betting on CS:GO

Once you found your online esports bookies, you will most likely get right into betting. Well, not so fast. Try sticking to your agenda and betting model. Before you place your first wager, make sure you have a plan, what teams you are betting on, what markets, at what odds & what is your staking method. We suggest starting your esports betting adventure by focusing on a couple of things (3-5 max.). Do not try to master the entire industry in a week or even a month. It takes years of experience to master a single market for a field-test veteran punter, so do not think you can crack the code right away (P.S. rookie mistake). Start by researching the teams you like or know the most about or the ones you would like to know more about. Starting something new with a personal interest attached to it will help you make the transition smooth and the experience more enjoyable.

The way betting markets and bookmakers work, you simply might not have your team available on the market sometimes. NOTE: In no way start betting on random unknown teams that have zero idea about just because you have nothing to bet on at the moment and «odds look great». The more unknown variables you try to cope with at once, the fewer chances you will have to land your wagers. Master, a couple of teams strictly on a certain tournament, learn their strengths and weaknesses & stick to that! Another great tip we can give is to move away from the top-ranked teams & tournaments and shift your attention to rather less popular and lower-division action. This strategy will guarantee you more value & help you gain the edge over your online bookmaker.

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So what about the actual betting process? The variety of betting markets offered for CS:GO is quite wide, thus, take your time learning all the ins & outs. Just like traditional sports betting, the most popular esports betting market is the Win market. In other words, you have to predict the winner of a given matchup. If you need to know more about the odds and what they represent, please click here to check out betting tutorials. In short, most online esports bookmakers use decimal odds, they are the most popular & easy to read and understand. If you need to calculate how much you can potentially win from your decimal odds wager, simply multiply your stake by the odds. That will give you the payout amount, including the stake!

Knowing what odds represent is not everything! In order to make profits betting on CS:GO, you need to have a bit deeper understanding of how the odds work. From betting on the underdogs to exploiting line movement, mastering odds might take some time before you become a real expert. If you would like to learn more about the odds, how they work & how you can use them to your advantage, please visit our betting guides page.

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