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Players’ psychology - is head the most important?

Sports betting is still gaining huge popularity. Its development is primarily promoted by the Internet which has increased the demand for this type of entertainment for the last few years. Betting is not an easy task which different bettors face every day. Addicted players do not only lose their lives playing but also ruin the lives of others, especially of their relatives. Some of them committed suicides which, unfortunately, usually ended tragically. In this article we deal with psychological aspects of the game at online bookmakers.

Players psychology
Capital is the most importantClever bettingHealth is the most important thingBlack Series Spiral
There is no happy medium, capital is the most important at the start...
Yes it is true there is no "happy medium" in betting. Otherwise so many betting firms would not have been set up. Today, about 600 more or less prestigious brands are working in the network. Each of us has heard of William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bwin but only a few know about Stryyker, Valuebet, Bet770. To have a real game you should deposit your money at the reliable firm which is safe and above all solvent. The best solution is to divide your capital among several bookmakers. It should be noted that you need to have about 40-50 pounds to play, while total bankroll on the account should amount to more than 500-1000 pounds.
Deposit money and bet sensible amount
Of course anyone can deposit as much money as he/she wants but if you expect to win 20,000 from 500 in a few days, win can give 99% guarantee that you will end up as a bankrupt. Before you start playing at a bookmaker, you should realize one thing - deposit the amount money you will not feel sorry about in the case of loss, the amount whose loss will not influence your life, the family budget, will not affect our psyche. From my personal experience, I have once bet 4000 pounds and lost it in three days. It took a long time to stop thinking about it...
Our health is the most important thing
Then it comes to sports betting, as well as sports, our head and psyche are crucial. An interesting fact is that according to the study held by American scientists people are unusually confident in themselves, their knowledge and skills. Moreover they tend to underestimate or even minimize risk. According to Nofsinger people become too self-confident particularly if they achieve great success in some areas of their lives. Imagine the following situation. You deposit 5000 pounds to your account at a bookmaker and set certain tactics, e.g. 20% of the budget to be spent on bets. After a few successful bets you get 12,000. It all happened quickly and was pleasant. In a moment you imagine your future: I will bet 3,000 and 6,000 (2.00), and then I will have 15,000, and afterwards I place 5,000 on Sure Bets (1.50 Parlay) and I will already have 17,000 on my account. And so on...
Black Series Spiral - Gambler's bankruptcy
It indicates that something bad is happening. We give in to the magic of figures, we dream of the future, cars, wealth. The reality is usually fierce. We no longer adhere to the chosen tactics, self-discipline goes by the wayside. We bet 3,000 and lose. What is the next step, we will bet 3,000 again to recoup or even 6,000 to break even. We will lose again (hypothetically). We are caught in a dangerous spiral, we bet on any live game, no matter what league, we only want to win. At that moment bookmaker has already tricked you, in a short time you will have 0 in the account. Now, your head starts to think, we had 12,000 pounds, now we have 5000 pounds, so we lost 7,000. And to be honest you are already bankrupt, as you have again bet 5,000 pounds. We would like to conclude this article with a joke: which is the eternal problem of the player? - Shall I sell a car or get a loan?
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