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Staking. How to select the right approach?

Have you ever thought what makes a good bet? Do you think it is the team you pick or the bookmaker you sign up with? Or maybe that is the type of bet you use or even system of bets? Well, a strong case suggests that the amount you bet is actually more important than what we listed just a second ago. Is that really the case? Let’s find out.

staking guide
Staking approachesWhich approach is the best?Things to keep in mind regardless of the approachSummary

If you ever placed a bet, you know that tempting to place a bit more or the afterwards feeling if you staked a little too much. Well, it all comes with discipline and being smart about your betting.

Before you get into the actual staking and all you have to set the limits, this is your budget, for example. Setting it will not only prevent extensive losses but also would help you to see how much funds you have in your disposition clearly. The next step would be setting a betting plan for some period of time, let’s say a month. Along with a plan comes the discipline. It plays a crucial role in betting as its absence leads to losses connected with:
  • Stake increasing after a win
  • Panic betting in order to compensate
The above situations might seem familiar for some, which signals the need only to know your limits but also who to operate within. Experiment with different strategies and approaches, and you’ll definitely find your perfect betting formula.
Staking approaches
We would like to present to you some of the most efficient and market-tested staking strategies.

Approach 1: All In

The name says it all. Every time you bet your whole bankroll. Advantages: fast returns, quick money flips, immediate profits, extra satisfaction. Drawbacks: it only takes one loss to lose your entire bankroll, too high risks.

Approach 2: Fixed bet

This approach involves continuous staking of the same amount regardless of your winning/losing ratio. This is the most controversial approach, as there are tons of people who say it is not efficient. That’s beside the point. In the case of fixed wagering, you are drastically cutting your possible losses but on the other hand, limiting yourself to make profits in a more efficient manner.

Approach 3: Martingale

This approach could be traced back to the 18th century France. Its main idea is to double your stake whenever you lose, with the intention to cover your previous loss. It shows a better increase than in fixed bet approach as you’re covering your losses with the next bet. However, if you hit a losing streak, you would constantly be doubling your stakes which could quickly lead to betting with high amounts, and possibly panic betting.

Approach 4: Fibonacci

Good ‘ol Fibonacci approach. It is similar to Martingale but less extreme. It also requires the stake increase after the loss but with the next bet’s winnings. This allows you to cut down the possible losses if you hit the losing streak but in return reduces your winning rate as well.

Approach 5: Proportional betting

This one is probably the most mathematically advanced method and would require you some calculations. You would need to find out the true value of the event and calculate how much of an edge you have over the bookie. After certain manipulations, you will end up with a system where you bet only a certain share of your bankroll and based on that share, you will be making an increase. Such an approach increases your winnings substantially while minimizing your losses as well.

Which approach is the best?
Out of the proposed betting strategies above, which one do you think is the best?
  • Bet everything
  • Martingale
  • Fixed wager
  • Proportional Betting
  • Fibonacci
Well, there’s no ultimate answer to this question, as nobody can tell you which one will suit you best. Still, if we are talking about the approaches presented above and will try to evaluate them based on the efficiency and profitability criteria, we can sort of rank them. Again, this does not mean either of them is better or worse. You have to find your own betting formula and stick to it.

So, let’s start, based on the short description of the presented approaches, it is clear that proportional betting seems to be the most attractive and reasonable. It becomes even more valuable when you are at the bottom of your bankroll. Let’s say you’re down to your last 100 euros. With the proportional betting approach, you will be able to last longer at least. Every bettor knows that the longer you are in a game, the higher your chances of getting back up. This would definitely not be the case of fixed betting.

Moving on, all-in. This one is probably the most extreme out of the selection. Bearing such high risks is one of the reasons punters enjoy it because with high risks come lots of emotions and satisfaction, and returns. Betting everything at once earns you as much as others would earn in 10 or whatever attempts. Despite being attractive for “one-hitters”, this approach is not a lasty one. One mistake and you’re out. So, better think twice before going all-in on that sure pick of yours.

As for these stake-increase systems like Fibonacci and Martingale, you would need tons of patience. Such approaches start off really slow and crash all your hopes as soon as you hit a losing streak. These systems do not always prove themselves suitable for every bettor, which could lead to, again, panic betting and other undesirable losses.

In general, the doubling approaches would destroy your bankroll if you keep losing. Fixed betting shows to be the most bankroll secure approach, as it saves the most during the downfalls. On the other hand, you would be able to increase your profits much utilizing fixed betting, while the proportional system could give you a nice ROI in the long run.

Keep also in mind the fact that all the information is generalized for explanation purposes. Your personal experience might differ from the one given in this tutorial.
Things to keep in mind regardless of the approach
Choosing your betting strategy is not something easy as well. Despite setting your boundaries at the beginning of the betting journey, you have to pick the approach that is not only imposing to you but rather that is suitable for your needs and resources.

With all those interesting and already tested betting approaches, you might as well try something of your own idea. Looking at the loss-prevention criterion, you could set max. stake per day limit. This would definitely secure your bankroll and keep your winnings pilling up if you have a lucky day. Another loss-guided approach is to only use your profits in order to make more profits but still not spend over the limits you set previously.

On the other side of loss-based limiting, there is profit-based. Just a quick example of such limitation, whenever you have a daily stake limit, and you win a bet, take out the profits, so you will be tempted to spend them. It allows you to keep playing with that original stake until the loss. You can increase your profits while not overspending your budget. The key here as always is sticking to the plan!

The last and surely not least is this following. Do not ever bet more than you can afford to lose. Betting is not a way to take you out of the financial difficulties, instead, it could rather get you more in debt. A common misconception of betting makes people think that betting serves as a source to multiply your money when it is not. Once and for all, betting should be looked at the angle of making small and steady profits over the extended time periods.
We will not get tired of repeating this. There is no “ideal” solution for your betting. There are too many variables that affect the outcome: different markets, sports, betting habits, etc. Finding a well-balanced approach takes time and effort. We are there to make your journey less harsh and help you succeed faster. Come back for more useful content and as always, Happy Betting!
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