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Programs facilitating trading

Despite a number of advantages, trading at Betfair exchange is far from ideal. Experienced players even argue that direct trade at online betting exchange Betfair is unusually inefficient especially when the speed of reaction while purchasing/selling odds is important. Unfortunately Betfair has some drawbacks which you have to be aware of prior to placing and accepting bets.

Restrictions at Betfair exchangeBetAngelBetTraderThe Geeks ToyFairBotOther programs
Restrictions at Betfair exchange
  1. During market blockade, it is impossible to enter any data
  2. You cannot determine any (i.e. start) value of the bet
  3. You cannot bet amount smaller than the minimum amount ("blocking” threat)
  4. You cannot open, display several markets at the same time
  5. Market update is automatic and lasts 30 seconds

 Now you already know why you need the program that promotes trading at Betfair. The ones which we are going to describe below will partially eliminate the inconveniences presented above. The applications that are represented in the articles will help you improve the process of odds trading at the sports betting exchange. Another important feature of these programs is that they provide an advantage over usual exchange users. We should also note their flexability, as they can be used at BetDaq or WBX. Unfortunately, not all of the sports trading programs are free, some of them are pre-paid, we will talk about them later.

This is undoubtedly the most advanced and most expensive program for trading at Betfair / Betdaq / WBX. The novice trader should not start with BetAngel, as such program is very difficult to use. Many functions can be overwhelming at first and cause problems even for experienced traders , but those bettors who can handle it will certainly not regret the money spent. BetAngel gives us the opportunity to use "ladder" allowing to practise in the distribution of money to various odds. BetAngel also offers “stop loss” and “tick offset” options which, in practice, allow you to make a counter bet. It is worth noting that BetAngel is fully integrated with Excel. This program is ideal for horse racing.

BetAngel cost :
  • 7- day demo version is free - month trial - £ 15
  • 1 month - 29.99 £
  • 2 months - 39.99 £
  • 3 months - 59.99 £
  • 6 months - 99.99 £
  • 12 months - 149.99 £
Important: When you purchase an annual version, you will receive additionally Soccer Mystic, Tennis Trader and Guardian.
Website :
It is a cheaper option than BetAngel. It seems to be a bit easier to use than the above presented program. BetTrader was established in 2005, being then the only application on the market. BetTrader has been repeatedly modified, rewritten and expanded in accordance with the latest betting exchange requirements. It should be noted that BetTrader is the only software on the basis of the current web browser. This product is the brainchild of Racing Traders - the experimental group of English traders. BetTrader is a paid application which is particularly recommended to players placing bets on horse racing.

 BetTrader cost:

  • 7- day trial version for free
  • 1 month - 14.99 £
  • 3 months - 39.99 £
  • 6 months - 74.99 £


The Geeks Toy
Until recently The Geeks Toy was a single free program with functions approximate to BetTrader and BetAngel. Now it is not because now there is a paid version AGT PRO, which was launched in 2009. It has lots of interesting features, easy servicing, a huge mobility and quickness, especially completeness in terms of the adaptation to the Betfair system, which is the main feature of this program. The Geeks Toy, and more specifically AGT Pro, at the moment is probably the most popular program for trading in the world, despite the introduction of payment. TGTest program is adjusted only for Betfair, accessible to all sporting disciplines. Thus, it is flexible and suitable for any type of sport.
The cost of The Geeks Toy (AGT Pro):

  • 4 months - £30
The program that faciltates FairBot was created by Binteko with thoughts of traders operating in the markets of team sports. It is less extensive and more service-friendly version of software for trading at Betfair, which can be recommended to beginners trading at the betting exchange. FairBot has a number of advantages compared with BetTrader or BetAngel. They include possibility of updating odds even every 0.1 seconds. We also have the ladder option and the possibility of placing the so-called smart bets, because the system places bets automatically according to your wishes and after certain criteria set by you.
FairBot Cost:

  • 15 -day trial version is free
  • Annual version at a discount from 124.95 £ to 99 £
Other programs
  • BetGizmo
  • Bethat
  • Betfair Rapid
  • Bet-hedger
  • BBW
  • BetDriver
  • BF Bot Manager
  • Bfexlorer
  • Betlag
  • Bf + +
  • QuantSports
  • ISI Trader
  • Gruss Software
  • Centaur XT
  • MT Pro
  • BetGrail
  • BetTornado
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