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Advantages and disadvantages of the flat staking

Choosing the right bookmaker, preparing a good strategy and staking method are the first steps every bettor should take on their way to sports betting success. In this sports betting guide, we would like to share our knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of the flat staking system, which is arguably one of the most popular ones among punters from all over the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of the flat staking
What is the flat stake?Types of flat stakeAdvantages of the flat stake bettingDisadvantages of the flat stake
What is the flat stake?
The flat stake system is one of the staking methods used in sports betting and gambling overall. In other words, it is the way of defining our confidence in the particular tip based on the 1-10 scale. This particular staking method does not consider the aspect of value and/or likelihood of the outcome happening, evening out all the wagers that we place. Nevertheless, it is a completely personal approach where every single punter has the freedom of choosing the amount of staking units they think is more appropriate.

Flat staking is also the easiest way of betting on sports, which is usually suggested to novice punters, who are still figuring out the way sports betting works and do not yet have the skill of the accurate value assessment. Although it is considered the easiest staking method, it does not mean it is the least profitable one. What is more, despite the common opinion that flat staking is mainly used by amateur punters, it is widely utilized by professionals who achieve quite substantial profits.
Types of flat stake
  • Same stake for every bet - as simple as it sounds, a real piece of cake. After setting up our budget, we have to decide on the amount of money we are going to stake on every wager from now on, which is usually around €10, however, is completely up to you. Let us remind you once again about one of the most important rules of sports betting. The golden rule of sports betting suggests not to stake more than 2% or 3% of your bankroll on a single wager.

  • Similar bankroll share - this is also quite easy to understand, and no one should have any problems with this type of flat stake. Once again, after setting up our betting budget, we should estimate the share of the budget that we will dedicate to our stakes, a good example could be 1%. Therefore, if our betting budget is 1000 EUR, our 1% stake for our first bet should be 10 EUR. Assume that our budget goes up to 1250 EUR, then our next stake would be 12,50 EUR and so on. Note, regardless of what happens to our bankroll, our stake share remains unchanged! Generally speaking, there are three boundaries of the flat stake share. New punters are usually advised to stick with a 1% share, more experienced once - with a 3%, and the ones who feel like they got it all - with a 5%.

  • Modified flat stake - a flat stake variation that is very similar to the previous ones, however, with one crucial difference. In the case of the modified flat stake, we do not use just one bankroll share boundary or a set stake amount, instead, we use all of them depending on the odds we are betting at. Once again, there are no strict rules about how much you should or should not stake on a single wager. However, we suggest using the 5% boundary for the bets with the odds shorter than evens, 3% - for the selections with the odds between 2.00 (1/1) & 3.00 (2/1), and the lowest 1% share should be applied in the case of the longshots.

Advantages of the flat stake betting
There is no doubt that the biggest advantage of using the flat stake system is a relatively low risk of losing the entire betting budget and even bankruptcy. Given that we stay calm and disciplined throughout the entire process, our bankroll should remain safe. In order to zero out your entire bankroll using this method, we would have to lose dozens of consecutive wagers, which, in reality, is not that easy to do even if you have no idea about betting. Flat staking is a very stable betting approach, while your winnings might not be extremely huge, your losses, even in the worst case, will not empty your pockets right away.

Another advantage of the flat stake is that long term profits only require you to have a win rate of a bit over 50%, assuming that the average odds you bet on are 2.00 (1/1) or more. Being honest, it is not that hard to do.
Disadvantages of the flat stake
Unfortunately, things are not as rosy as we would like them to be. While there are tons of great things about it, there are also a couple of drawbacks, which we also need to outline. The biggest disadvantage or at least the aspect about which punters complain the most is the comparably lower profits. Unfortunately, this is true. Flat stake betting does not provide extreme profits, however, ensures long-term profits. Moreover, such a staking method, as we have mentioned before, proves to be quite efficient in terms of limiting your losses and decreasing the risk of bankruptcy. It is up to you, but isn’t it what sports betting is all about, though?

Some punters have issues with having to place the same stake for bets with both 1.55 (11/20) and 2.55 (31/20) odds. Well, that’s true, and it’d be hard to disagree with them on this one if it wasn’t for the modified stake, which eliminates such an issue.

There are also people who complain about the huge share of self-discipline that is involved when using this betting strategy. Their statement is completely correct, it does involve a large share of self-discipline. However, if you have troubles with disciplining yourself, then you should seriously consider staying away from sports betting asap.
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