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Advantages and disadvantages of the flat staking

Choosing the right bookmaker, preparing a good strategy and method of staking are the first tasks of every beginning punter when he begins his journey and adventure with sports betting. In this betting guide, we will tell You all about the advantages and disadvantages of the flat staking system, which is one of the most popular, if not the most popular staking system used by punters from all over the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of the flat staking
What is the flat stake?Types of flat stakeAdvantages of the flat stake bettingDisadvantages of the flat stake
What is the flat stake?
The flat stake is one of the staking methods, which are the systems of setting the stakes in the sports betting and gambling overall. All staking systems, including the flat stake, work on the principle of choosing the stakes for the bet in accordance with the certainty of the particular result of that bet, for example if we are not sure we place 1 betting unit (It can be any amount and currency we have) and if we are very certain that particular event will happen, we bet 10 betting units. It should be mentioned, that the majority of professional punters use a betting unit system of 1-10 where they split their betting budget and the 10 is their entire budget while 1 is one-tenth of their entire betting budget.

In this case, we do not have any trouble and will not have to worry about anything. Every bet, despite his Value and our own risk judgement, will be staked in the same system, using the 1-10 scale. The way each punter bets is his own, personal thing and every punter has his own method - one will place 1/10 on each bet and play it safe, while the other will risk it all with 10/10 bet. It is worth to mention that we disapprove betting all our betting budget on one bet, even the one that seems as the most certain one.

Generally, the same amount of money placed in every bet is the easiest method of staking, which we advise especially for new, beginner punters who still have problems with risk evaluation as well as understanding the real Value of particular bet. It should be said at this moment that even though this method is the easiest to learn and use, it does not mean that it is the least profitable and used only by amateur, non-skilled punters that just started betting on sports. No, it is completely not true. Many experienced professional punters also use this method and they get quite good numbers from it, getting constant significant profits.
Types of flat stake
Same amount of money for every bet - simple as it sound, real piece of cake. We set up our betting budget and decide the stakes that we will use for every bet, for example 10 Euro. As it was already mentioned in other betting guides, generally, we need to stick to the most important rule of betting not more than  2 / 3% of our entire bankroll, which is our betting budget at particular online bookmaker.

Identical percentage of our betting budget as a stake for every bet - this is also quite easy to understand and no one should have problems with staking using this type of flat stake. After setting up our betting budget, we estimate the constant percentage of the budget that will serve as our betting stake, for example 1% of the whole budget. Therefore, if we set our betting budget as 1000 Euros, our stake for our first bet should be 10 Euro. If our betting budget grows to 1250 Euro, our bet stake will be 12,50 Euro, and if we lose some bets and our betting budget will go down to 800 Euro, our betting stake for the next bet should be 8 Euro, and so on. Generally, it is said that the 1% border is for the less experienced punters, while 3% of the bankroll is advised for semi-advanced ones. 5% of the entire budget is probably reserved for the most experienced, professional punters.

Modified flat stake - a staking system that is very similar to the previous one, described above, but there is one major difference. We do not use one type of percentage, but all three of them, depending on the odds offered for the particular bet. For evens odds (2.00) which are theoretically the odds for most certain possibilities and results, we use the 5% of the whole bankroll, for the odds between 2.00 and 3.00 we use the 3% of our whole betting budget and for odds of 3.00 and higher, we stick to the 1% of our overall betting budget.
Advantages of the flat stake betting
There is no doubt that the big advantage of using the flat stake betting system is relatively low risk of losing the entire betting budget and sometimes, even bankruptcy. Given that we will be disciplined in our betting, we would risk a very small percentage of our entire bankroll for every bet which will not harm our betting budget much, even if we encounter a losing streak for a w while. To lose our entire bankroll we have to have one of the worst losing streaks in history and end up with a bad run of few dozens lost bets. Let us be realistic, even the statistics show it is highly impossible and it should not happen to even the most unlucky and unskilled punters.

Generally, the flat stake system allows us to have a stable budget - the wins are not record-breaking and very high, but we are certain that a bad run will not destroy us and our betting budget, as our funds will deplenish in a very slow manner in the case of a losing streak.

Another advantage of the flat stake is the fact that if we want to have long-term profits, all it takes is for us to win a little bit more than 50% of all our bets (Given that the average odds will be approximately 2.00 - evens odds or higher). This seems to be really doable and most decent punter should be able to do that.

Disadvantages of the flat stake
Unfortunately, this staking system has also a lot of disadvantages. Some punters complain about the profits, which are too low in their opinion. Using the flat stake will not grant You huge profits in the short period of time, but if You use it properly and wisely, it should bring significant profits in a long term period of time. Furthermore, as we mentioned before, the method may be slow and will not show much effects at first, but is a great way of lowering the risk of losing all Your money and bankruptcy, which is the whole point of sport betting.

Some punter have a problem with that there is the same stake for the 1.55 and 2.55 odds. That’s true, they are correct in many ways, and it could be completely true were not for the modified flat stake method, which effectively resolves this problem.

Other people will say that the self-discipline matter is the most problematic and difficult one to bare, as this method requires to be very consistent and stable in Your staking. We agree that it is hard and it is true what they are saying, but for people that really have problems with self-discipline we advise to finish their sports betting adventure before they will harm their betting budget, finances or even their families. Sports betting and gambling overall, is only for people with very strong discipline and mentality.
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